Friday October 11

12:00-13:15 Registration & Lunch
13:15-13:45 Opening remarks
13:15-13:30 Dr Mustafa Ridha – Undersecretary – Ministry of Health
13:30-13:35 Dr Kadhim Sulaiman – GHA President
13:35-13:45 Professor J Zamorano – Vice President Global Affairs, ESC
13:45-14:45 Sanofi Satellite Symposium
14:45-15:05 Break

Session 1

Review of recent ESC guidelines from ESC Paris 2019

Professor J Zamorano – Dr Kadhim Sulaiman – Dr Hajar Albinali – Professor Alawi Alsheikh-Ali

15:05-15:30 2019 ESC guidelines on chronic coronary syndromes
Professor Robert Storey
15:30-15:40 Discussion
15:40-16:05 2019 ESC guidelines on CVD in diabetes
Professor Jose Ramon Gonzalez Juanatey
16:05-16:15 Discussion
16:15-16:40 2019 ESC guidelines on supraventricular tachycardia
Dr Ali Boushahri
16:40-16:50 Discussion
16:50-17:15 2019 ESC guidelines on dyslipidemias
Professor J Zamorano
17:15-17:25 Discussion
17:25-17:45 Break

Session 2

Challenging cases from Chest Diseases Hospital - Kuwait

Session organizer and chair:
Dr Darar Al Khdair

Professor Robert Storey – Dr M Aljarallah – Dr Khaled Almarri – Dr Telal Mudawi

17:45-18:15 A honeycomb on a heart of a teenage girl!
Dr Salwa Mohamed
18:15-18:45 A cobra on a heart of post CABG elderly woman
Dr Waleed Alenezi
18:45-19:15 Can an "Impella" Outrun death?
Dr Jadan Alenezi
19:15-19:25 Break
19:25-20:25 Novartis Satellite Symposium
20:25 Dinner

Saturday October 12

Session 3

Initiatives to improve the quality of cardiology practice

Professor Jose Ramon Gonzalez Juanatey – Dr Abdulhai Alawadi – Dr Jassim Alsuwaidi - Dr Mohammad Balghith

09:30-09:40 Overview of ESC registries and their role in improving clinical practice
Professor J Zamorano
09:40-09:45 Discussion
09:45-10:05 Impact of quality markers and registries on the quality of care: the Spanish experience
Professor Jose Ramon Gonzalez Juanatey
10:05-10:15 Discussion
10:15-10:35 Kuwait CLAP registry: To know what we’re doing in the cath lab
Professor Mohammad Zubaid
10:35-10:40 Discussion
10:40-11:00 Gulf DYSPNEA registry: Examining our management of the heart failure patient
Dr Wafa Rashed
11:00-11:10 Discussion
11:10-11:30 improving clinical outcomes in primary PCI patients: perspectives from a UK heart attack centre
Professor Robert Storey
11:30-11:40 Discussion
11:40-12:10 Break
12:10-13:10 AstraZeneca Satellite Symposium
13:10-14:10 Lunch

Session 4

Challenging cases from Salman Aldabous Cardiac Centre - Kuwait

Session organizer and chair:
Dr Altayyeb Yousef

Professor J Zamorano – Dr Mohammad Almutairi – Dr Sadiq Abdul Dr Ahmad Ameer – Dr Balakrishna Pai

14:10-14:40 TAVR for traumatic aortic regurgitation
Dr Bader Alayyad
14:40-15:10 CERAB: That is what we did
Dr Ahmed Ameer
15:10-15:40 Do we need mechanical cardiac support in cardiogenic shock, what type?
Dr Musna P J
15:45 Closing remarks:
Professor Mohammad Zubaid & Professor J Zamorano